Nunesy is an artist/musician based out of the Hudson Valley just north of New York City. Most recently, Nunesy curated a show called Art Zuu that was a capsule in the 2018 Garner Arts Festival. The show featured 11 artists all of a different media covering illustration, photography, tape art, found object/mixed media, resin sculpture, painting, installation, and collage.

Nunesy’s work at Art Zuu - “Tape Totems” is a collection of 12 - tape/acrylic totem portraits. The inspiration for these boards came from Nunesy’s love of Native American arts from the Pacific Northwest. “I relate with the bends and the curves of the lines to convey animal forms from PNW Native art. When I was in a band in college, we hired a designer to help us craft this thunderbird design for a demo release, and the imagery has been stuck in my mind ever since.”

Looking forward, Nunesy is working on a new body of work, planning another group show, and recording an album with his band Personal Melon that will be released in Spring ‘19.